I just wanna ask about the letters in the name of the drive, for example, if the PX-716 model works, does it matter if I get a PX-716A?
Found a deal for one, and I can't wait to get dumping smile
Thanks for answering!

PX-716 is the series, any drive in that series will work fine (including PX-716A). Try to make sure the drive is working before buying and always get a refund if it isn't when it arrives if the auction says "good".

The A stands for ATA connection, if you found a SA model you know that stands for SATA connection. Both models of PX-716 works fine anyway. There's a third model that is the PX-716UF that is the portable version with USB and Firewire connection and external power supply, and is working well like the other two version. Don't worry about the letters, just check the right model and you're in smile

Good to know, thanks! It would be maybe beneficial to have a sticky with just information about drives, as it's now not as easy to get to, being spread around multiple places.