I received one of these very poor quality adapters today, and it wasn't doing a lot at first but after a few hours of getting no where I sussed it.

First job was to dump a suspected bad dump of mine originally dumped by me using a brand new disc. I then got quizzed it was possibly bad so I re-dumped it recently and it matched my old dump, the original dump was done with cdrwin, and the re dump I used dcdumper, and even though the disc has some specs of dust on it, I don't think its that, because the dump on the dreamcast with sd adapter gave the same hashes, so more than likely a bad trurip dump, I still have 2 of the game factory sealed, and I may end up opening one of them.

I have just dumped a 3 track game, and it dumped fine, I can't for the life of me find the dumpcast dats, so how can I submit this 3 track game I can dump tracks one and two with DIC and use the track 3 from the dreamcast sd dump. Or do you still want it dumping with dcdumper.

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