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I'm using DiC with a px-760a to dump the disc, but mounting the resulting cue/bin results in some files being inaccessible. I think it has something to do with a large negative offset on the disc?

EAC shows a pregap of 1.98s (150 sectors?) and IsoBuster shows scrambled data 151 sectors behind the second track.

Since an entire track contains 2352 bytes and the scrambled data is only 7.5 rows deep on the sector behind it, I added 120 to -2352 and came up with -2232 byte combined offset.

Does that sound correct? Using px_d8, it's telling me it's only a -892 sector combined offset.

Can you check the error count with cdmage and look for a copy protection (by scanning the game exe with protection ID)?

Offset is not an issue when DIC is used

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cdmage is reporting 149,750 corrupted sectors in the data track.

protection ID is also not reporting any protection. This is an early 1996 release for DOS if that info helps

I should point out the disc is in really good shape and I can run it just fine. I've also dumped it several times to verify checksums.