I was reading over a private forum about Redump and read this

there are more hoarded images and a higher risk of bad dumps based on previous experience.

Verifications are important, they are what separates this from any arbitrary selection of isos collected online.

If i understand even if a game is already submitted ,a second submission will make it more *clean* ?
because i still have 50 j ps2 games that are already there and i didnt dump them.

So what im asking is :
should i check every game submitted in redump ? and if it had only been submited once i should sbmit mine,right?

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Well, this site is called Redump because of verifications, actually, not because you personally dump a disc twice or more like it may seem. The idea behind verifications is that it proves a particular hash for a particular version of a game to be error-free, because for two people to get a matching erroneous hash with two different physical objects dumped by two different physical drives is nigh impossible. Of course, this phenomenon is technically possible, and so the more people that have dumped media and reported the exact same hash, the less we fear that matching errors actually occurred because the odds of that happening become astronomically more impossible with each matching hash.

From what I understand about this site's mentality, you should ideally submit a dump for everything you have. Of course, dumps that verify an image can be viewed as the "most important" (along with new dumps perhaps, because somebody has to have something to verify), but it doesn't devalue dumps for media that already have two matching dumps. It won't make the existing dump more "clean", as you put it, if the existing dump is already clean, but it gives people more assurance that if they get the same hash value for a dump they produce from any particular media, then their dump is clean.

Thanks Egen,clear as always.
ill Re-dump all my media when i will get the time.

It's quite a project big_smile I think I'm up-to-date with my collection, but formatting the data into a post and submitting it is another story.

IMHO you should always check all your games because you might find a previously unknown alternate version. It has happened before.

Yeah, happened to me with TimeSplitters as well, which was a really weird case because neither version is Greatest Hits so it was quite hidden (I believe Dark Cloud 2 and Champions Return to Arms are like this as well). So, MigaMan is absolutely right, it's worth it to dump all of your stuff just in case you discover something we still don't know about. As much stuff as we have, it still happens.

MigaMan wrote:

IMHO you should always check all your games because you might find a previously unknown alternate version. It has happened before.

Ringcodes should be checked, different ringcode = possibility for a different version and different dump.