Topic: Barcode Question.

If I was to submit verifications and I made barcode scans for each dump, would the barcode for that dump be able to get a tick, because if it helps, now the attachment feature works I could attach small images for each barcode. Any thoughts.

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Re: Barcode Question.

Only admins can lock that field, so you would have to submit them to F1ReB4LL or iR0b0t. You could make a topic in the fixes section with the scans, just put something like [ADMIN] in the title.

Re: Barcode Question.

They can be locked, but only if there's no undumped editions left (i.e. no more barcodes to enter there).

Enker wrote:

Only admins can lock that field

Certain mods also could, though, I'm uncertain if any of the currently active mods can smile