Hey guys,
Not sure if we are allowed to create threads that are not related to proper redumping but I really wanted to ask this question here as people are really knowledgeable 

I have a Tomb Raider 2 PC game that I was hoping to play in Linux using Wine or PlayOnLinux but without using the physical disc

So I dumped the disc with cdrdao which gave me a bin and a toc file, i converted toc to cue
Is there a way to mount the resulting bin/cue in Linux?

Thank you

there is virtual cd rom software for linux, forgot the name of it...

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I'm using CDEmu. In my case, I'm compressing the disc image to the xz-format. That way, I'll be saving some disk space compared to uncompress images, and still be able to mount it without any problems. There are other ways to mount compressed disc images in GNU/Linux, but I'd prefer what I've just described.
It could mount both .toc and .cue and a lot of other disc images and cuesheets.

Give it a go! smile

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Thanks very much guys, will try it out smile

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CDEmu is exactly what I was after, thanks again smile
EDIT: xz support is pretty sweet too!