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Src: http://www.mediafire.com/download/abjbd … rbst-r2.7z
Bin: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7fad0 … rbst-r2.7z

This is kind old, was posted on psx-scene and thought it might be useful for some redump people who don't know about it. I recently updated it to use .dkeys instead of .keys (the r2). If anyone has any requests/questions/etc feel free to ask. Basically it's the origional ps3netsrv with support for 3k3y/redump ps3 isos. ISO's have to be in the ".../PS3ISO/" folder (as seen by ps3netsvr), and redump dkeys have to be in the ".../REDKEY/" folder (with same name as the corresponding encrypted redump iso). .dkeys can also be with the .iso (origional logic) if you define -DDKEY_WITH_ISO when compiling; keep in mind webMAN has a 866 file limit for share directories and having .dkey/.iso together can have you more quickly hit this limit.

ps3netsrv-bin-nvrbst information:
* 3k3y (decrypted / encrypted) format is now supported (.iso).
* Redump (encrypted) format is now supported (.iso & .dkey).
* Decrypted isos (along with all other origional features of ps3netsvr) are still supported.
* I made small changes to fix all gcc warnings.
* I modified the Makefile to have some common flags for release/debug.
* To build download mingw/msys with the base components, g++ 4.6.1 is needed (g++ 4.8.1 builds break JB games).
1. cd .../ps3netsrv/polarssl/library/
2. set WINDOWS=1
3. make the polarssl library: make
4. cd .../ps3netsrv/
5. make the ps3netsrv binary: make

EDIT: Also I didn't look into the g++ 4.8.1 problem much. If anyone knows why, able to confirm the problem, or has built ps3netsrv (origional or modified) with g++ 4.8.1 for win32 (and jb format games still work) then please let me know smile, thanks.

Hi NvrBst,

very interesting. But how does this actually work?
Will ps3netsrv do any kind of on-the-fly-decryption or is the key somehow passed to the ps3 as if it's being read by the drive?

The modified ps3netsrv does on-the-fly decryption. From the PS3's (webMAN/mMCM/etc) point of view it is dealing with a decrypted iso.

First off: Thank you. I've been using this for over a year now.

Would it be possible for you to provide an executable build for Debian Linux as well?
How about a Github Repository?

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Typically, for those linux distros, you want to build it for your specific system anyway. So I'd suggest just issuing the make on your system (I'm assuming you don't need to cross compile, that your debian system has the build-essentials on it by default?). I've never done it for ps3netsrv but I doubt there would be any issues (two make calls basically, then testing; definitely easier setup than windows). I don't have a debian system setup so I'd have to setup a virtual machine.

GitHub would be nice, though it's not really my project (the changes I made are pretty minor/localized). I also know aldos compiled a new ps3netsrv a few months ago with multi-part iso support. I was planning to take his version and merge my changes on top of it as I assume his version is probably going to become the standard version, though, I don't use multi-iso support so I've been lazy with it wink. It'd be nice if aldos or deank setup the github and I could just fork it (they would be better maintainers than me probably; I'm pretty lazy and typically only implement something when I can't convince someone else to do it! hehe).

I just found this: https://github.com/aldostools/ps3netsvr

Ahh good fine. He initially packaged the source in the webMAN Mod package, didn't know there was a github smile.  I'll fork that one when i merge the encrypted logic ontop of it wink.

@NvrBst any update on this?

Hehe nope. I know SpaceAge compiled it with ubuntu and from the sounds of it he hasn't run into any runtime issues. But I havn't done any forking/merging with aldos repo yet... Aldos updates and my updates are pretty exclusive, aka, I don't really see people wanting to use both features; people would fall into one or the other category. But for sure I'll merge it sometime!

cool, ill keep checking