I am dumping PSX SLPM-86177 and would like to know if the title of this game should be "Shinji Daigeki Action - Rasetsu no Ken" or "Shin Jidaigeki Action - Rasetsu no Ken"?

Not quite sure which way it should be. Spine has it as "Shinjidaigekiaction Rasetsunoken"



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Sometimes I dunno the space usage logic here, too.

For the meaning one by one.

Shin = New, Jidaigeki = Samurai Drama, Action is Action, Rasetsu is Rasetsu too (noun only), no = of, Ken = Sword.

So the question become:

NewSa muraiDrama Action - Sword of Rasetsu  <<  the only one I can say NG
New SamuraiDrama Action - Sword of Rasetsu
NewSamuraiDramaAction - SwordofRasetsu  << I guess they edit that for fit the short spin

Which is it should be.

But back to Line 1, I can not say which will be approved.