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I noticed there is a bug in ISOBUSTER when getting layer break, it subtracts 1. You can obtain the layer break info using Isobuster which gives the correct results if you add 1 to it. Reading the GEAR and some other info's on which sector should be the layer break, it is defined as the first sector of layer 1 (where layers are 0 and 1).

Just right click on the top most entry in the tree on the left (DVD), and select properties, on the 2nd tab the layer break info is given, add 1 to it to get the correct layer break info...




Did some research, fixed big_smile

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I always use ImgBurn to check the layer break.
I think that it's always like that is Isobuster because the program counts the first sector of the disc as sector 0 (instead of sector 1)...

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There is no value for layer breaks stored on the disc, just layer length for the first layer, and layer break is calculated by that, layer0's length + 1. Isobuster creator probably just forgot to add an extra digit, it happens sometimes ))

Should be fixed within the next release i guess, if somebody will be pointing him out to that fact.

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