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You also mentioned on github that IRDs were "useful for decrypting ISOs after they have been dumped on a PC blu-ray drive". I didn't know that, actually so far I only used the key directly with the old command-line tool PS3Dec.

So do you plan on adding ISO decryption functionality to IRDKit ?

I made that comment in reference to RPCS3's mention of IRD files here: https://rpcs3.net/quickstart

But, it shouldn't be too difficult to add decryption to the tool, perhaps in the next version!


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I've released a toolkit for creating PS3 IRD files, and other features.
It is command-line only and requires .NET 8 installed.
A UI for this will be added within MPF eventually

Creating an IRD (with different options for providing keys):

irdkit create game.iso
irdkit create game.iso -k A125B2FF16B9B18D5C18B5630B501643
irdkit create game.iso -f game.key
irdkit create game.iso -l game.getkey.log

IRDKit can also print info about IRDs (all fields) and ISOs (PS3_DISC.SFB and PARAM.SFO)

irdkit info game.iso
irdkit info game.ird

IRDKit can also provide a comparison between two similar IRDs, showing the difference between the two:

irdkit diff game1.ird game2.ird

Improvements over 3k3y ISOTools, Redump2IRD, and ManaGunZ:

  • Only requires a redump ISO. Does not require Disc Key/Disc ID/PIC. Pulls key from redump.org and generates ID/PIC.

  • Correctly hashes non-contiguous files

  • Produces reproducible IRDs, 1:1 correspondence with redump ISOs

  • Much faster for large ISOs, ISOs with many files

  • Create IRDs for an entire PS3 ISO set in one command

Sorry, I shortened the printed serial, it does have -STD. Here's the links (can't be viewed without logging in).
BCUS-98195 (BVSS-032970A1): http://redump.org/disc/48706/
BCUS-98182-MGS, BCUS-98182-STD (BVSS-020710A1): http://redump.org/disc/48705/

However please do make an account and contribute when an admin gets to making you an account! (Unfortunately Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail and Web.de may block emails from redump, so you may need to use a different email, protonmail is a free email that you can use if you need one).

If you are looking for the PS3 Welcome discs, they are in the BD-Video DAT as they are not actually PS3 discs. This DAT is not made public, hence you cannot find them by searching on redump.org without logging in.

redump.org currently has entries for BCUS 98156 (Ringcode BVSS-011760A1), BCUS-98182 (Ringcode BVSS-020710A1), BCUS-98195 (Ringcode BVSS-032970A1), BCUS-98213 (Ringcode BVDL-052280A1), and BCUS 98156R (Ringcode BVSS-017190A1).
If you have a different serial/ringcode, then it would be missing from redump. BCUS-98213 also needs verification.

It is of course appreciated that you wish to contribute to redump, you can still provide your logs (following the guide on the wiki) to verify these discs.

I have not used that specific drive model, but you will need to ensure it is a JB8 model and it will need to be flashed with specific firmware:
http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … T_firmware

This wiki page is still a work-in-progress, it currently suggests using the 3.02 firmware, but Ribshark's custom 3.10 firmware is now compatible with redumper and can be recommended for use.

funkmata wrote:

Really?  I don't see any fields in the DAT file for "date added" for any games listed.  Also, this method doesn't seem to track when entries are removed or updated, hence why I'd like to compare older releases vs. new ones.

"Date added" field is in redump.org only. Yes, this makes it difficult to rebuild an old DAT, redump isn't flexible.
I still don't understand why you want a DAT from a specific date. If it's just information you want, you should be able to get it from redump.org itself (or ask directly), as the DATs don't contain anything that isn't visible in redump.org

Redump DATs are rolling release.. finding a specific DAT file is just luck. You can of course just edit the DAT file to exclude any entries with an added date after the date you are looking for.

ehw wrote:

There was a tool written in the past that used to do just this, however the source was never released

Is there source for the new tool you've just linked?

ehw wrote:

Even if it doesn't look like it's doing anything while it scans for values of 3C, it's working

It would be nice to get an update as to where it's up to in the list of commands (even just "No sectors returned from 3C 08 __", i.e. a message every time a whole chunk of 256 commands were checked with nothing returned), so I can tell that *some* progress is happening and it isn't some hardware issue causing it to freeze.


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I don't think any of the reprints have been dumped for redump.

kingspoons wrote:

Shrek 2 on the Xbox has a different hash and seems to have a different mastering code.

What is the region and ringcode for your Shrek 2?


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I can confirm that PlayStation games in Asia, bought new in-person sealed retail from a reputable store, can have "SAMPLE * LOANED" stamped on the disc despite all packaging and labels looking identical to normal retail copies. I can only assume that this is because they are selling excess first-print discs originally meant as promos/samples for reviewers/testers/stores/etc. That, by definition, makes them the "original" revision of a retail game.


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Hello, you may find more people available to help with this on the (unofficial) VGPC discord: https://discord.gg/AHTfxQV

The ringcodes are useful, thanks!

It's safe to say that if Rev 0/1 were released to retail, they were manufactured before 2007-07-16 and likely released in limited quantities. Still can't rule it out, and there's also the chance that they still exist as preprod discs but didn't sell at retail smile

This is some good analysis. Based on the manufacturing date and lotcheck, it certainly is possible that there were no retail releases of Rev 0/1, or that they were released to retail in very limited numbers.

From a quick look on online at a handful of pics with visible ringcodes, I also only found Rev 2. I have in the past looked at ringcodes when purchasing in-person, which may be the way forward when searching for these in order to prevent owning the biggest Mario Kart 8 collection smile


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superg wrote:
Deterous wrote:

I've attached a zip of a list of serials for each BIOS. It would be useful for knowing which consoles supports which game in terms of backwards compatibility, etc.

Is the order of serials untouched in these files? I wonder if we can deduce some information based on the serials initial ordering e.g. if these were grouped based on some criteria in the firmware.

Sorry, the forum is bad at letting me know when there are replies.

The orders should be untouched yes, I just used the strings/grep commands and piped them out into a text file, so they're in byte order.


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With the new BIOS dat out recently, (115) (2022-12-12), I thought I'd just update this post that there are no new serials mentioned:

ps2-0170jd-20030206 lists the same serials as ps2-0170j-20030206
ps2-0190ad-20030623 lists the same serials as ps2-0190a-20030623
ps2-0190k-20030623 lists the same serials as ps2-0190h-20030623
ps2-0200ed-20040614 lists the same serials as ps2-0200e-20040614
ps2-0220jd-20050620 lists the same serials as ps2-0220j-20050620
ps2-0220jd-20060905 lists the same serials as ps2-0220j-20060905


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I've attached a zip of a list of serials for each BIOS. It would be useful for knowing which consoles supports which game in terms of backwards compatibility, etc.


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I've trawled through all known PS2 BIOS's and found a total of 784 mentioned serials, approximately 567 of which are PS1 and the remainder PS2. A few of the serials are not dumped and have unknown titles.


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Some interesting finds by searching through the Sony Bravia TV BIOS (PAL and NTSC-J have the same set of serials)


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Way fewer (23 vs 198) serials listed in the PAL SCPH-9000x BIOS, at least that I could find.


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I've extracted all the PS1 serials mentioned in the PS2 bios (SCPH-10000)

The serials, titles and dump status are listed in the csv file attached.

Hi, I would like a wiki account to contribute to the missing lists.