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Wanting to clean up the Xbox/Xbox 360 dumping page, MIA list, undumped pressing list for Xbox 360

Thread can be moved, only way up...

Update on missing non duplicates

Games with no duplicates - priority on all of them, SSv1 or SSv2

Every Party (Hong Kong/English) - scene exists, missing DMI information
Wrestle Kingdom - scene, missing DMI
Tsuushin Taisen Mahjong: Touryuumon - Redump and SSV2
Tengai Makyou Ziria/FEOE - Redump and SSV2
Zoids Infinity EX Neo - Redump and SSV2
Pro Yakyū Spirits 3 - Redump and SSV2, not added to ABGX

Zegapain XOR - Redump and SSV2
Super Robot Wars XO - Redump and SSV2
Momotarou Densetsu 16 Gold - Redump and SSV2

Janline - Redump, no scene release, no stealth

Bootable, no confirmation from Redump member for adding to DB

Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Special - scene doesn't match Redump, possible region dupe. Redump and SSV2
Steins; Gate (Reissue) - Redump and SSV2

Massive thanks to Qubits and Evil Droid for providing the bulk of these the past few months

Holy shit

A handful of these files are extremely appreciated - Japan/Asia has the biggest amount of missing titles and dupes, thank you.

I'm doing the bulk of additions to the project while hadzz is host/working on the application itself. If you don't want to upload yourself, that's fine, I've been crediting each member as mentioned and I'm sitting on hundreds of discs still, amazing

Looked at what is and isn't and came up with this regarding JPN discs and what actually is missing/has no good dump available

Games with no duplicates - priority on all of them, SSv1 or SSv2

Every Party (Hong Kong/English)
Wrestle Kingdom
Tsuushin Taisen Mahjong: Touryuumon
Tengai Makyou Ziria/FEOE
Zoids Infinity EX Neo
Pro Yakyū Spirits 3
Zegapain XOR
Super Robot Wars XO
Momotarou Densetsu 16 Gold

Bootable, no confirmation from Redump member for adding to DB

Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Special
Steins; Gate (Reissue)
Region duplicates - low priority however still welcome

  • NFS: Most Wanted
    Perfect Dark Zero
    Peter Jacksons King Kong
    Rumble Roses XX
    Ridge Racer 6
    Major League Baseball 2K6
    N3 Ninety Nine Nights
    GRAW [Tom Clancy's]
    Top Spin 2
    Samurai Warriors 2
    Project Sylpheed
    Tenchu Z
    Tomb Raider: Legend
    MotoGP 2006
    The Outfit
    Rockstar Games Presents - Table Tennis
    Phantasy Star Universe
    Madden NFL 07
    Shin Sangoku 4 Empires
    Fight Night Round 3
    World Cup 06
    Battlefield 2, Modern Combat
    Hitman: Blood Money
    Call of Duty 2
    Bullet Witch
    Dead Rising
    Full Auto
    Just Cause

MIA Redump disc/stealth files but ABGX verified - you can reference the .ini files on the database if you'd like a reference dump to verify, will attempt to fill this out with missing game rips from every region

Culdcept Saga updated press
Memories Off: Yubikiri no Kikou [Asian version]

The compromise would be something like

XGD3 Kreon - effectively useless
Kreon - not as accurate, but should be archived if there's no SSv2
0800 - more accurate and replaces a Kreon rip (that has not gotten used with ss_sector, which downgrades it to a Kreon rip for the purpose of a matching hashes - RawSS is the only hash which should be denoted)

user7 wrote:

>The benefit to the more complex/expensive 0800 method, is that it can read the security sector info properly from the "XGD3" type of Xbox 360 discs.

Already noted in the wiki.

>In short, while the hashes for Redump's disc images are "correct" the majority of the discs security sectors in the database are either

Mods can choose not to add hashes for Kreon XGD3 ss.bins.

But then you're missing information from the disc - which defeats the entire point of ripping the disc for preservation. It shouldn't be preferred to dump with inferior tools at the expense of accuracy.

The big stuff

Kreon drives cannot rip Xbox 360 stealth files correctly. The hash is auto generated
ss_sector_range is making SS.bin read out false values for a hash that isn't accurate to the dump
XGD3 rips with Kreon should be removed entirely, as the hash can never be valid.

hadzz explains why this doesn't work... did some tests on my own xgd3 disc comparing 0800 and kreon, abgx360 does do a reasonable at rebuilding the replay table (with some differences, that I don't know if they're major or minor) but there's missing data on the top of the file too, so the SS CRC (not raw) wouldn't even match an 0800 rip

In short, while the hashes for Redump's disc images are "correct" the majority of the discs security sectors in the database are either

Zeroed for having a normal hash despite the console not expecting a table with zero deviation
Incorrect from using a ripper that wasn't even created for the purpose of ripping XGD3 discs

Kreon drives were used for Xbox. For all Xbox 360 discs, they were a temporary solution for piracy/back ups and were entirely dropped by scene, ABGX, and pretty much everybody else.

Yeah, we need a new page for Xbox 360 specifically - when you dump your files for the purpose of ABGX, the SS from your disc is more "valid" than "cleaning" one.

So more or less, it's a conflict of what is more proper. Getting a clean CRC32 from a SS file, but tampering it after ripping (0800, if using a Kreon it guesses values) or not having a 1:1 match but much closer to proper, with the issue being conventional hash checking won't work rather using RawSS needs to be implemented, maybe a app can be made for it

I assume you have the drivers installed unless you flashed it with something else

Flip the aux power to on
Manual power on or off
Mode B switch off

It should show display in the log as Benq AP253.0

Good progress - support for user accounts is added now, if you want to manually upload your dumps - it just reads out the CRC and uploads the SS/DMI/PFI, not the entire disc by yourself just PM me and I'll have hadzz create you a username and pass

16 verified in the past 10 days - and so much to do still. Thanks to everyone willing to help out


You'll see it in the log after running your ISO in abgx360

SS CRC = blank (RawSS = blank)
     SS Media ID: blank (matches game)
SS looks valid

Different hash is normal - by design, SS files will almost always have a different hash, as the value pressed on the disc is close to impossible to read 1:1

So that's fine - what you're looking for is the RawSS in abgx - if it matches, then your dump is good.

It's not difficult - you want either a BenQ or Lite On drive from a fat console

You can use built in SATA if your mobo is old enough or get a USB Pro - the process is the same regardless

Open XBC, extract SS/DMI/PFI from the disc - that's it. If your dump doesn't match the file in the DB, it's likely an undocumented pressing. The game in question is uncommon, so it's possible it's just an undumped disc. Post it here if you want and I can reference it from the copy I have

Yeah - the Cave collection is missing Akai Katana content on the reissue in 2014 - The copy in the boxset is the original disc, and getting the new disc required a send in to Cave - which is incredibly rare and Cave printed low numbers.

Steins Gate is in the dumped list

A ton of region duplicates

Missing completely

Momotaro Densetsu 16 Gold
Cave Shooting Collection reprint edition
Steins Gate reprint with DLC
Memories Off HK/TW
Working dump of Sakura Flamingo Archives - the scene release crashes loading Chaos Field

Missing scene - has working user dumps not associated here

Minecraft Story Mode - Season 2 Season Pass Disc
Cave Shooting Collection
Batman Season 1 Season Pass Disc
FIFA 19 Legacy Edition

Missing scene/P2P/Redump

Cave Shooting Collection reissue/v2
Sakura Flamingo Archives proper/fully working

Missing DMI

Almost all Japanese dumps from 2005 up to mid 2007

Title ID/Disc ID is parsed from the DMI on upload - something that wasn't in the official submission page
More trickling of entries
Kreon dumps are now accepted either modified or not - tldr, every Kreon rip is "guessing" what angle the disc has, so it basically is a wash regardless of what drive or if it has zeroed out portions. They're not ideal but as with all current DB entries, if we can get a SSv2 these get added over the pre-existing files

SSv2 isn't affected - I noticed this, but wasn't sure why some files were being modified

Regardless - it's problematic for Xbox 360 dumps to create false hashes - these discs are pressed with a certain level of deviation per game, and the drive on a real console has this expectation. It makes archiving harder, but as of now Redump doesn't even include these for their disc hashes anyway.

The files will work, it's just less accurate than the files as ripped with a specific value. Inherently it's how these discs are pressed, reading out that sector is rarely going to read 1:1 from it's pressing. The best solution going forward is to encourage using 0800 firmware/XBC for Xbox 360, and Kreon for anything OG Xbox.

The database is starting to populate with entries from the community. It's manual between myself and hadzz for now, however some back end work for anyone wanting to add themselves is coming eventually, so ideally we'll have credentials for Redump members if they would like to directly add new dumps


it might not be your dumps - a few liteon 0800 are coming back really close to proper targets but the ss sector range is 100% modifying every single SS you throw into it. I'll make a thread about this with more details since this doesn't effect patching on the grounds of running on real hardware, and could be up to your opinion

From hadzz,

so at address 0x0228, that is for angle 1. in the top files (untouched) it says the first measurement is 02 (a deviation of 1 degree) and the second measurement is 02 (1 degree dev)


then the bottom is after running it through ss_sector_range.exe, it sets that first measurement to 1 (0 deviation) and the second measurement is wiped out
red indicates difference, everything else is untouched besides the angles
this isn't a very good example because the only deviation is in angle 1, but you get the idea

slowly getting stuff added, though something was caught that is... pretty bad

ss_sector_range completely zeroes the SS angle table - while getting some of retaliator's dumps tested, the tables were dead on consistent

it's pretty much not possible to get a 1:1 dump of a SS, the zeroed out files do work, but are less accurate than a ssv1 clean - for xbox 360 titles going forward, please keep your untampered security sectors, and if possible, get a 0800 - retaliator, by chance do you have your discs or original SS files? - sorry to bother, but it would be better to add these into the db

Fantastic to see the amount of help in just a day

I got PM'd a set from another member that has a lot of missing region variants, SSv1 is okay if it's all you have if it's a pressing missed in the DB.

retaliator - your link either was pulled or private

XGD3 in the database is missing a few discs - I'm certain their are dumps of all of these discs, though

The ones that have proper scene releases but missing in our db

Ginga Force

A lot of region duplicates, need to write up every XGD3 disc in general then cross reference with all other pressings of the same game

given Redump opening Xbox 360 dat files to the public, for your consideration is adding missing games/verification in the hope of getting as close as possible for having all discs being iXtreme/ODE ready. Please, if you have any dumps either

Not in the database, at all
Only SSv1

Post or PM myself with files attached, and if you'd like your name added to the submission. The database is accessible to everybody, and will have support for users to manually upload their files very soon. http://hadzz.com/abgx/verified_static.html

Lock if this is a conflict of interest - the intent is to compliment Redump, not step on it's toes.

I don't run the project, but am closely involved in hadzz completely self funded rebuilding of the database


Database is now public for new additions - if you want to add your dumps to the database by yourself, please PM me and I'll send credentials made by hadzz if you like. For now I'm adding all the stuff currently posted or sent to me with permission at the same time. The updated DB is now public to anyone that needs to confirm if a dump exists for their games https://hadzz.com/abgx/verified.php