Basically, what's happening now is that in order to combat abuse (i.e. people using Discord as a file host which was never its intended purpose), Discord's API has attached signatures to attachment links that will remain valid until the expiration timestamp. Attachment links that are embedded within Discord will auto-refresh with new signatures, but if you share a static link outside of Discord it'll now break within 24 hours when the signature expires.

So anyone adding a Discord attachment link to a New Disc or Verification submission for logs or images will likely have that link expire before it can get added, rendering it useless.


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Given the pernicious challenges of aging console hardware, Redump's cataloguing over the years has been integral to the long-term preservation of these classic systems. If it wasn't for Redump taking the initiative decades ago, I don't know if such a vast, extensive library of disc images would even be possible to build from scratch today.

To me, Redump represents the Internet at its most wondrous. Any discs I dump and add today are done out of reverence for what this project has built over the years. Thank you everyone, and I hope we can continue to see more systems fully dumped.

Hello, I have made a few dumps for Gamecube and Wii (with more dumps forthcoming), and I want to have a Wiki account so I can delete entries from the missing lists without having to pester people in Discord.

It would be much appreciated, thanks.