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Unfortunately, this dump cannot be accepted since new dumps of multi-tracked CD-based media are still to be submitted with one of recommended Plextor drives. As of now BD drives are only accepted for verification purposes or, when it comes to submitting new dumps — single-track CD-based media with zero C2 and mastering errors.

Still, I'll go over the submission.

Title: Dalnij Zapad

Russian titles are to be transliterated with ГОСТ 7.79-2000 system, therefore the correct transliteration is Dal'nij Zapad. If your submission is of Akella release which has foreign title printed on jewel case inserts, then it will go under special tag in the Comments section:

[T:ALTF] Far West


Is is not possible to check the in-game language and voiceover?

Data Side Mastering Code (laser branded/etched): *** 0027 ***

Is that one of those ring codes which have asterisk symbol fill entire leftover ring code space? Like the one you've shown here: https://i.ibb.co/SQj7bVH/2022-09-02-21-37-55-ss.jpg

If the answer is yes, then asterisk sybmols should be dropped entirely. Leaving only the 0027 portion.

Barcode: 4607057330393

Spacing in barcodes is to be preserved. I've looked into listings of this game and can't find any with barcode printed on jewel case inserts. Is your release the one published by Akella? Can you provide photos/scans of the inserts?


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In this case asterisk sybmols are to be completely omitted.

Submit the ring code as 0028.

Internal Serial?

You're right. Not sure why my search across the list didn't work initially.

Still, Original edition in this case would be Jimakuban.

PVD and Internal Serial?

Sure. I myself dumped the Fukikaeban version of the game.

But since there is no observable rereleases of these games, Edition fields are populated with Jimakuban and Fukikaeban instead of Original.

PVD and Internal Serial?

Edition/Release: Original

Original or Jimakuban?

Can you check if Internal Serial is BLJM-60404 or BLJM60404?


Disc Serial?

Also, can you check if Internal Serial is BLUS-31426 or BLUS31426?

Internal Serial?


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Internal Serial? Any Activision IDs printed on manual and cover? VFC code?

Activision ID: 80421.101.uk

https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/u40AAOSw … -l1600.jpg

Does Activision ID on your disc really have "uk" portion printed in lower case?


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PVD and Internal Serial?

Was the Spanish release bundled with this bonus disc http://redump.org/disc/456/ ?

PVD and Internal Serial?

Activision ID: 83287.101.EU

Any Activision IDs on cover or manual?

PVD and Internal Serial?

Different executable timestamp is not necessarily a fix but related to timezone adjustment that MPF does now:

http://forum.redump.org/topic/27475/wha … exe-dates/

Is Label Side's toolstamp I16 indeed? VFC code?

In case anyone wonders how the codes look on a similar disc:

https://ia803201.us.archive.org/25/item … _front.jpg

https://ia903201.us.archive.org/25/item … everse.jpg


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For the Comments section:

<b>Additional Disc ID</b>: 00000000000000ff00020001XXXXXXXX


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Edition/Release: 1S: Kollekciya igrushek

In this case, 1С will be treated as having a Latin C, therefore the correct edition is 1C: Kollekciya igrushek.


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http://lukasz.dk/mirror/forums.ps2dev.o … tml?t=3743


This unpacker will output individual executable files off a PS2 BIOS file. Including that PS1DRV executable in particular.

Load PS1DRV executable in ps2dis, click Analyzer -> Invoke Analyzer, then go to Edit -> Jump to Labeled. Scroll the list and you will see some PS1 serial numbers.


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Jutah wrote:

Don't have box or cover.

What's meant here? Is your copy in particular a disc only with the original papers and case being lost or was the disc actually released without those (as a coverdisc for some magazine, for example)?

Data Side Mastering Code (laser branded/etched): Sony DADC    A0100398205-A511 37

Is there a space or a tab between A0100398205-A511 and 37? Feel free to use <tab> tag when typing those ring codes.

As stated in the guide: "Separate any larger-than-single-space (" ") spacing breaks with a tab symbol for your submissions."


Data Side Mould SID Code: IFPI

Are you not able to see the four alphanumeric symbols after IFPI?

Also, could you link logs for each submission individually? Otherwise there will be a mess if you try to submit another verification for a title that you've already submitted a verification for.


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Data Side Mastering Code (laser branded/etched): A0102166455-A511 1000

Should be tab between A0102166455-A511 and 1000, not space. Feel free to use <tab> tag when typing those ring codes.

As stated in the guide: "Separate any larger-than-single-space (" ") spacing breaks with a tab symbol for your submissions."


Also, write the Electronic Arts ID printed above barcode on the back side of the inlay. Hard to see it clearly on the photo.


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Two PC builds, all Xbox builds and enhanced PS2 rereleases for each region are identical content wise. They feature additional scenario and additional ending for the main scenario. Korean PS2 build is basically an Ameriacan Greatest Hits rerelease (SLUS-20228GH) with internal serials altered.

Additionally, the enhanced rereleases feature increased draw distance, different 10 Star rank requirements, fixed several bugs and some other alterations. I'm not sure this information should be added to redump entries at all since it will quickly become a mobygames.com territory.

Plus, there are many other titles like Fatal Frame featuring differences between builds which are not noted in any way in the redump entries.


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They are located in Metadata section of redump entries for PS3 submissions.


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To create an IRD file using Redump2IRD program you would need:

1. PS3 disc image (ISO) in encrypted state;
2. Corresponding Disc Key from Metadata section of a redump entry for the disc;
3. Corresponding Disc ID from Metadata section of a redump entry for the disc;
4. Corresponding Permanent Information & Control (PIC) from Metadata section of a redump entry for the disc;

What to do:

1. Launch Redump2IRD program;
2. Make sure Redump Mode is ticked (at the bottom);
3. Put Disc Key into Encrypted D1 (Key) field;
4. Put Disc ID into Decrypted D2 (ID) field;
5. Put Permanent Information & Control (PIC) into Permanent Information & Control (PIC) Data (in Hex) field;
6. Press Create IRD button;
7. Select encrypted image (ISO file);
8. After 10-20 seconds pause, input filename for IRD file.

The result is an IRD file for >decrypted< image of the game.


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Please confirm the edition. Is it Original or Tokutenban (includes Audio-CD)?