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If we even decided to keep the EXE Date (something I don't personally see utility in), then I vote for UTC, since in computing, the UTC date is the truth from which all other values are derived for timezones. We don't need every single person who decided to dump in their own timezone just happen to be a day off from someone else. It's not sustainable.


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DICUI is fixed now in WIP builds. The error file was renamed between builds. This has been addressed. If anything like this comes up again, please ping on Discord in the #discimagecreator channel. I rarely look in this thread for DICUI related anything.

iR0b0t wrote:

Did you guys fix layerbreak info output? Some people reported wrong layerbreaks, i wonder if they got it from DICUI output or DIC itself by manually copying from a wrong text line.

It should be fixed in the newest builds. That was an older issue.

iR0b0t wrote:

One more question, is the tool named DICUI or DICGUI ?
I see both names appear at some places smile


@sarami or @Square: do either of you know how to detect that "red hand" antimod screen? I'd like to see if I can get that working in part of DICUI.

Due to *cough* programmer error, we now have an updated check for EDC in a Git branch.


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Maybe split the difference, we already have the concept of "Enhanced CD", why not something like "Enhanced DVD" and "Enhanced BD"?

Bump on that EDC question, what's a good identifier from DIC outputs to see if there's EDC or not?


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Thanks for the responses Sarami! Okay, knew it was probably some protection I didn't know about.

And I'm guessing for the GD-ROM stuff, that's why it has to be swapped. Unfortunate, but makes sense.


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Also, one other question that might fall into the realm of "is that possible?" - would it be viable to have the GD-ROM dumping mode automatically use a known hacked TOC instead of requiring the disc to be swapped out? Or is it impossible to skip over getting the TOC before reading the disc? I only ask because that swap trick, though seemingly consistent for those who can get it to work, has never worked for me, and an easier solution would be welcome, if at all possible.


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Quick question: What is the purpose of /ss ? I know that it scans every single sector looking for copy protection, but it seems like the only place that finds protection is at LBA -1, which seems to be covered anyway. Are there forms of protection that are on other sectors that I'm unaware of (seems like the most likely option)? And is the output of that scan stored somewhere if it finds something?

For the EDC check, the current code sees if there are any missing EDC instances as per the DIC output and then if there are, it says it doesn't have EDC. If this is inaccurate, how many missing instances are needed before saying a disc doesn't have EDC? Is it if the sector count matches the error count? Or is it lower, like 300?


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I'm going to do some gravedigging here, so I apologize in advance. I recently came across the issue of trying to detect SafeDisc v3/4 without ProtectionId. There seem to be no public instructions out there on how these protections are actually found. If anyone here has even the slightest conceptual idea, I'd love to hear it. Thanks in advance!

Thank sarami and DIC for that, not us!

So, as the coder (of the 3) who is being called out here, I'd like to ask for clarification with a bit of back-explanation:

In most APIs that I've personally used, the data format that is expected has been ironed out by the group who created the API. This means that in most cases, as a programmer, I'd expect things like the XML structure to be a known thing and at least a DTD or XSD would be available for what is expected (including what is optional or required).

If this information could be provided, it would be semi-trivial to add another output format alongside the submission info that DICUI currently outputs. It raises a few more issues on our side (including pre-filling any required information), but that is not that big of a deal.

If this functionality can be exposed, we will do our best to conform to whatever standard is put forward so that dumpers can submit the standardized information in a more consistent way.


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Quick followup with user7's PS4 experience. I had him compare the PIC.bin file that was generated by DIC compared to sg-raw. It was identical except that the one by sg-raw had two extra (null) bytes appended to the end. I'm not sure if those are needed for anything, but I figured it's good to check on.


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I have one possible suggestion: Every time my drive overheats, it starts throwing the "COMM" errors, which are hardware issues. If at all possible, can those be treated like C2 errors? I'd like for those sectors to be rescanned at the end just like that, since right now, if my drive decides to crap out like that in the middle of a dump, I have to stop it and start all over, since it won't be caught as an error until the very end.


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sarami wrote:


Confirmed fixed on my end. Thank you very much sarami!


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sarami wrote:

It looks like that the directory size of the 200204 is incorrect because 1st directory record of the next sector shows current directory. Please try the latest test version.

Running the newest version, it gets to the same "Reading DirectoryRecord 34/ 68" and just cycles forever. It appears to be using both CPU and a lot of hard drive time. I left it running for about 15 minutes at that state, and managed to create a 19.5GB text file for "SimCity 3000 (USA)_volDesc.txt". Using glogg to open it, the last few billion lines (slight hyperbole) they all say the same thing:

Direcory record size of the prev sector maybe incorrect. Skip reading this sector
========== LBA[200205, 0x30e0d]: Directory Record ==========

I can't exactly compress this in a reasonable way and upload unfortunately.


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Unfortunately, most of the logs didn't actually write out with this error, so I should have just attached the minimal set the first time... But what I got out of it, is attached here. The disc dump (that is clean) doesn't match either of the 2 existing ones, sadly, so I can't use them as baselines to compare against.

And the other issue has been partially fixed, though my drive still acts weird with that disc from time to time. I'm chalking it up to hardware issues since this thing is prone to overheating.


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Preface: I searched the forum for similar issues, finding something else that had been already fixed back in 2015. I've also tried a second drive to test if the disc was bad and I've made sure that there are no scratches. I have additionally tried multiple versions of DIC including a couple ancient ones that I got my hands on, all with the same (or similar) results.

With that out of the way, I'm running into an odd issue where the disc I'm dumping fails at the Reading DirectoryRecord phase. As far as I am aware, there is no copy protection on this disc that could be causing an issue. Below is the output that I am getting. Additional logs are available on request.

        Windows 8 Professional  64bit
        x86, AnsiBuild, Oct  2 2017 21:36:02
/sf val is omitted. set [60]
/c2 val2 is omitted. set [4096]
/c2 val3 is omitted. set [4]
         Argument: SimCity 3000 (USA).bin
         FullPath: C:\Plextor\SimCity 3000 (USA)
            Drive: C:
        Directory: \Plextor\
         Filename: SimCity 3000 (USA)
        Extension: .bin
Start time: 2017-10-04(Wed) 21:44:41
Set the drive speed: 54563KB/sec
Allocating packed memory for C2 errors: 8192
This drive supports [OpCode: 0xd8, SubCode: 0]
This drive supports [OpCode: 0xd8, SubCode: 1]
This drive supports [OpCode: 0xd8, SubCode: 2]
This drive supports [OpCode: 0xd8, SubCode: 3]
This drive supports [OpCode: 0xd8, SubCode: 8]
Checking reading lead-out -> OK
Checking SubQ adr (Track)  1/ 1
Checking SubRtoW (Track)  1/ 1
Reading DirectoryRecord   34/  68

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


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Ah interesting. Never ran into this before, so thank you for the second link. I will try the power cycle multiple times and see if that works. I had only let it reset once between attempts.


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So... this is possibly the weirdest issue I've run into so far. With the last few builds, there is a single CD game of mine that will get to about 56000 sectors and then the drive pauses and then reboots. When the drive comes back, it doesn't recognize there's a CD inside anymore.

The reason that I'm even posting this here is that I have NOT had this issue (same drive, for clarity) with either IsoBuster or ImgBurn. I can attach the logs, if those would be helpful, but I was wondering if anybody else ran into this before and if there is any ways to get around this.


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It took me a while to get back to this. The DVD does appear to have an error ripping with another tool at the exact same sector. I double checked and the disc doesn't have any issues on the surface and nothing appears to be see-through. I'll try the newest DIC anyway, just in case.


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Hey again, I'm trying to dump a DVD game on my drive, and I'm running into an error that I have not been able to get past. For reference, I tried 2 different DVD-capable drives.

LBA[2075360, 0x1faae0]: [F:ReadDVD][L:131]
    Opcode: 0xa8
    ScsiStatus: 0x02 = CHECK_CONDITION
    SenseData Key-Asc-Ascq: 03-11-05 = MEDIUM_ERROR - L-EC UNCORRECTABLE ERROR

I did think at first that it was related to it being a DVD-9 but the sector it stops on is not the same as the layerbreak sector (2084960). If there's something I'm missing or need to attach, please tell me. Thanks in advance!


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Thanks sarami! That seems to have worked smile Not that I know what you fixed tongue