If it is interesting for anyone, I've modified this source to add an option to test all possible command/methods combinations on a single pass, and stop on the working one. For me it takes about 7 minutes if it fails, 50 different combinations, ~6hrs. of background unattended work tongue You can download it on http://www.mediafire.com/download/ppz28 … .5.3.1.zip

Hi all, señores, señoras, caballeros y damiselas en apuros wink

I've just found this tool and compiled it for Linux/x86.

At first tested with a GDR8164B/0L06 (white bezel) it didn't work at all, nor with normal DVDs nor with a WOD.

Then with another GDR8164B/0L06 (black bezel) it is currently working at method 9 for ~950Mb/h.

This tool would be great if enhanced to support CDs and multi-track.