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This is why I have postpone any SS dumping: To much trouble to get and/or confirm the audio pregap (1.73, 1.74, 2.00, 2.01 and 2.02 on many of my NTSC-J dics).
I have a Plextor burner so if I can get a hold on this PerfectRip software maybe I can get accurate pregap...


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I can dump GC disc via USB with my ViperGC Extrem modded console. Will you consider these dumps as perfect (I think they are and many folk as well) but for the project or not?
Let me know I have some PAL and NTSC-J discs.


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With Gunbird : Same result as TOSEC dump : all 2:00 gap except track 10 with 2:01 gap...
I just see EAC 0.99bp3 correctly detects the 2 seconds pregap between the data track and the 1st audio track with the Plextor drive (see screenshots, at least it's 2:02 for Gunbird and 2:00 for KoF '95)...

King of Fighter '95


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Since I have a bunch of jap saturn cds, I would like to contribue to this project.
So I just try to dump a known dump to verify if I understood right the PSX dumping guide. I select KoF '95, the only game I have that is listed on the forum.
And I run in a strange behaviour : EAC detect some of the gaps as 2:01 seconds long. I tried with 2 drives : a BENQ DW1640 and a PLEXTOR PX-W2410A, with EAC 0.95b4 and 0.99pb3 : always the same results : 2:01 gap on tracks 17 and 25.
Am I doing something wrong ?
I'm puzzled...

PS : I saw the TOSEC Gunbird dump have also some 2:01 gaps, I will try with it and see if I can get the same result or not.