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my opinion, but i think disc proof should  be provided on new dumps since you can rebuild a jb rip with an ird and then get the metadata with getkeyfrom3k3y tool


Enker wrote:

Use jamjam's getkeyfrom3k3y on the IRD rebuild.

thanks. i didnt know of that tool

Enker wrote:

The metadata can be added from a verification or a matching IRD rebuild.

how exactly?

amarok wrote:

Sorry, I dumped all my PS3 discs using a standard BD-ROM PC drive. I don't have access to a PS3 or any sort of special hardware right now, so I cannot provide the metadata for any of my dumps. You'll have to wait for someone else to verify the dump using an actual PS3 or something.

ok. thanks for let us know. dont know if its valid dump as disc info is incomplete

metadata info missing http://redump.org/disc/30658/

@amarok please update

cool, ill keep checking

@NvrBst any update on this?


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thanks for these


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okay multiman was just updated to 4.70.00 and now its working


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yes i did switch to multiman mode when trying direct disc access and also disabled cobra and still got the same error. i tried with multiman 4.65, but ill wait for dean to update it to 4.70cfw


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i just used the new rebug toolbox and dumped both eid and nor flash. made my 3dump.bin and will test dump an iso later. then ill use your getkey tool to get disc key smile

edit: well looks like cobra cfws dont allow direct disc access . im gettin operation is not allowed error


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NvrBst wrote:

Also keep in mind you can generate the 3Dump.bin yourself from almost any CFW version (including 4.65) if you really want to (just the official 3k3y app only works on 3.55)

on cobra cfw also? im on habib cobra 4.70

DJoneK wrote:

Did you dump it at least twice and if possible on different drives?  Just to make sure you get the exact same hashes every time.

i dumped it 4 times from same drive and got same hashes everytime  wink

Nancy Drew: Mystery 5: The Final Scene

System            IBM PC compatible
Media            CD
Category                Games
Region            USA
Languages        English
Version            SL 1.0
Edition            Nancy Drew Mega Mystery 4 Pack
Errors count        0
Number of tracks    1

Size                    722082816

CRC-32            e90491b6

MD5                    b0169a85aa76b472af2ad385961c8db3

SHA-1            6b59bfebe199ceaedd526bc091d59a530b16ea60

Comments        DCG#17461E

will post proof later. also i think i titled it right.  wink