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This guy seems to do absolutely nothing.

Well I guess he spent three years collect LaserActive discs from people smile hopefully dumping them soon.

Wrong. "Last edited by Nemesis on Mon May 26, 2014 11:31 pm, edited 5 times in total." for the game list, mostly silence afterwards.

I remember this guy is the author of a sega genesis emulator. At least 18 yrs ago, I once used that emulator. And his main purpose is implementing Mega LD system hw emulation. LD-ROM dump is just side program that provide a solution for produce emulation target contents. And I guess his way of obtaining data are all Mega-LD system based. Maybe BIOS reverse engineering involved, then write a homebrew program, load it in MegaLD and swap to the target LD disc, then trigger data reading in the homebrew program, and intercept raw data in LD optical drive module. And I think it's quite implementable for a experienced emulator author. But yes, it's quite time costing. To me, I won't do that to waste my time. I would prefer to do cooking and enjoy the TV drama in spare time than research on vintage hardwares.... =P

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Is there a .gdi format description somewhere? What does the last digit (after the track filename) mean?

Nope.Even the original file format designer once left it for additional purpose, now most open source gdi tools just skip parsing this column. So even it's reserved for sector offset. But you cannot use it in that way now.


I have attached a detailed chart for the data structure difference of redump format gdi and general(tosec/trurip/httpdack) format gdi in this post:

https://assemblergames.com/threads/wrot … ost-942906

The cause is that the additional leading data of the last data track makes the data track offset misplaced.Without additional description info, ODE loader software cannot easily identify which format current image set is using.(Try play "Fushigi no Dungeon - Furai no Shiren Gaiden - Jokenji Asuka Kenzan! (Japan)" and you will know what I'm saying.)

The only way is to binary scan the leading 150 sectors to make it out.Which I have written a tool to do that conversion statically.The source code is also on the above post.It's not a perfect tool in program design.I'm refactoring it to make it be a more universal gdi container manager.But it's already perfect for converting the redump format gdi to general format gdi for using on ODE like GDEmu or USB-GDROM.

And I agree to F1ReB4LL, ".gdi" is not enough complex to do things like INDEX 00 command in cue.And not suitable for stay as a track description file for track data stored in redump format track data.


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Glad to see the site be recovered. smile

Absolutely support you,hiker...
I just tried pakkiso 0.4 and checked the batch file it generated.Then the rmdtrash is the most confusing one to me.
That lead me to find this old-no reply-but really useful post...

Thank you. cool