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Hi again,

Thanks for the response. The only thing I'm not clear on is the track length. I've got the dat file from clrmamepro, but it only gives me the checksums for the image. What do I do to get the tracklength?


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Hi there,

Just have some dumping questions for psx dumps, i'd like to contribute a few games i have.

There's just a few info tags that aren't explained in the guide. First one is "Anti-modchip", how do i get this piece of info?

Second thing I'm unsure about is the factory write offset. The guide explains how to get the factory write offset for multi-track (CDDA) games by browsing the pregap in isobuster. However i see quite a lot of entries in the redump database that have the factory write offset for single track images. How do i get the write offset for a single track game?

Also for libcrypt output, shall i just post the sectors.log file or should i include the entire output from psxt001z --libcryptdrvfast?

I'm also guessing that I get "Track Length" from EAC? I've only got single track games to put up.

"Ring" I'm guessing is the characters written on the inner circle underneath the CD.

Thanks for any help