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hi All, sorry, if my questions is not entirely correct (or even stupid), I am a newbie in dumping, but I am trying to backup a disc protected with Cactus protection. So, using DiscImageCreator with "/c2" switch always gives me C2 errors on the exact same LBA addresses and with the exact same number of error bits. Considering it's always the same LBA addresses and that consistent doing many dumps (even using different drives) and the fact that the disc surface is in perfect (like new) condition, that makes me believe those are just fake C2 errors and on those LBAs no C2 correction has to be attempted and C2 error should be just ignored as not real and fake. So, there are about 8000 LBA addresses on which I want to skip C2 recovery and do it for all other LBA addresses (i.e. where potential C2 error is not fake and real). How I can do that with DiscImageCreator, i.e. skip C2 for that list of about 8000 LBAs? is my thinking correct and that is the right approach to properly extract the data? Thank you!

I found a drive that works:


it's not supported by DiscImageCreator, but at least you can get the essential data from such disc.