Hey Redump! I'm a huge advocate for software preservation, and have a small collection games and titles on disc that are admittedly already in your database. I'd love to become a member and verify the titles I do have as well as (hopefully) contribute some that you need if I come across them!
That said, I'm interested in learning more about disc preservation and the methods involved. I recently picked up the ASUS BW-16D1HT and downgraded the firmware per the dumping guide's recommendation. Interested in picking up a Plextor later on when I come across a good deal.

Accepted or not, I will continue to support the work your community has done, and the resources you've put together. :)

Welcome, obtain your password here.

(check the spam folder in case there will be no message in your inbox)

Please make sure you read and understand the dumping process and the way you have to submit the dumping logs before posting your dump info.

Feel free to ask question on the forum, or via Discord about how to get started preserving games with Redump:

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