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Is it possible to see the total size of a collection somehow?

Like, say I wanted to know how big, collectively, all of the USA PS1 dumps are. Any way to do that? EDIT: I was terribly vague, I meant disk size, like bytes.

Also, is there any way to look for only Italian ones? You can filter for Europe, but specific countries?

On any of the results pages (e.g. discs -> Sony Playstation), at the top it'll say "Displaying results 1 - 500 of 10449", so there are 10449 total discs in the collection.  Filtering to America (http://redump.org/discs/system/psx/region/Am/) gives 1966 (one of which appears to be canadian, and the rest USA)

From http://forum.redump.org/topic/19835/is- … dump-uses/ and http://forum.redump.org/post/56061/#p56061 it looks like there are other regions that aren't linked directly; for instance I gives Italy, and U gives USA.  (Oddly, I get 1964 US discs and 1 Canadian disc, which doesn't quite add up).  If you want to figure out the region code for something specific, you can right-click the flag and select "view image"; the URL will be something like http://redump.org/images/regions/I.png and from that you can see that I is Italy.  (Or you can just guess at URLs; that's worked fairly well for me.)

Ah, haha, I was guessing 2-letter codes like IT since the codes that are given are 2 letters. Very clever about the flag images, thanks for that one. Very cool.

And by "how big", I really wasn't clear. I meant how many bytes. Is there a way to do that?

If you have any scripting experience you could parse the dat to get a total size.

Ahhhh, I hadn't thought of downloading the DAT. D'oh! I was just thinking of a method on the website. I've been using AHK for almost 15 years so I think I could come up with something, even if it is makeshift. Thanks for the idea.