I'm starting a personal project to back up my disc-based games in case anything ever happens to the discs. I use this site a lot to verify the hashes so I'd like to give back and submit my own results (some duplicates, some not yet on the site). So I would like to request an account so I can submit.

If this is an appropriate place to ask, I also had a few questions to make sure I don't do anything wrong. If this is the wrong place for questions please just let me know and I can ask in the appropriate place.

1. I saw on the Wiki that submission requests dumping with 2 different tools as well as 2 different drives to confirm correctness. For my CD-based games with SafeDisc I'm currently trying to obtain a drive that will dump them properly (originally bought a Plextor PX-708UF drive but it broke in transit; currently waiting on a new LG WH14NS40). When I do, I will only have that 1 drive, not 2. I assume this isn't as big a deal for duplicate submissions that match, but for ones that aren't on the site I'm wondering if that is sufficient?

2. I wasn't 100% sure how to read the first table on non-Plextor CD-compatible drives. I did see the WH14NS40 in green and saw people in the MakeMKV forums recommending it, so even though they're dumping UHD BDs and not CDs I figured it was better than picking one totally at random from the table. But my main question is: will this drive work with the firmware it ships with, or does it have to be downgraded or cross-flashed to the ASUS FW to work? If I'm reading it right, the compatible FW range is 1.00 through 1.04, so I'm sure if my drive comes with a higher revision and I have to downgrade I can find someone detailing a safe downgrade order, but is there a particular reason I'd want to cross-flash to the ASUS one if one of the LG firmwares works?

3. When I dump some of my DVDs, I notice the DAT file is XML-like with placeholder data. Should I be filling this out myself or leaving it the way DiscImageCreator generated it, and submitting the file as-is?


Welcome, obtain your password here.

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Feel free to ask question on the forum, or via Discord about how to get started preserving games with Redump:

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