I've just dumped every physical Wii and Gamecube disc in my possession with CleanRip. I'd like to submit them for verification. Most of the GC dumps I think are already well verified, but I believe that at least "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom" is still waiting for BCA confirmation. My brother has other discs that I may be able to rip, though not in the immediate future. I'm not sure how to fill out certain fields in the dump information, so I'd appreciate some help. I've got a first draft of Yu-Gi-Oh! below:

--File Generated by CleanRip v2.1.1--

Filename: GYFEA4
Internal Name: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom
MD5: 343dd929ea574503b558c0ac0c1c3886
SHA-1: 809a89a8484e898f999e26d3927b5ad816b98cbb
Version: 1.00
Verified: Yes
Seconds: 559

Game Information:

Game Title: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom
Region: USA
Languages: English
Disc Serial: DL-DOL-GYFE-USA
Edition: Original
Case Barcode: 8371740015
Case Serial: DOL P GYFE
Size: 1,459,978,240

Ring Information:

Mastering Code (back): C03H0604 DOL-GYFE-0-00 USA
Mastering SID Code (back): IFPI LL08
Mould SID Code (back): IFPI V961
Additional Mould Text (back): MADE IN USA
Toolstamp (back): M1S2
Mould SID Code (front): IFPI V980
Additional Mould Text (front): None

BCA: (can't attach as a guest)

For the record, BCAs dont get confirmed, they can vary a lot between multiple copies of the game.

Also mould SIDs for GC are always X#X# for USA made retail discs, V961 and V980 are not correct. You're also missing the S0 on the mastering code and the PDSC.CA in additional mould text.

Make sure you also put spaces in the barcode, and double check that you've typed it correct. Should be the same as mine 0 83717 40015 8. Other than that, it looks mostly ok besides the lack of TABs.


You're right on the corrections. For the bar code specifically, I wasn't sure if only the 10 primary digits were wanted (I'm using to 10 and 13 digit ISBNs). The extra 5 digits at the end of the barcode I've provided below are present on the case on an adjacent barcode in the same part of the case. As for the BCA, I checked and mine differs in the last 8 bytes from the one on the website. I also didn't include tabs since aligning things is difficult in the editor and I just copied the template from the wiki page.


Case Barcode: 0 83717 40015 8 00100
Mastering Code (back): C03H0604 DOL-GYFE-0-00 USA S0
Mould SID Code (back): IFPI V9G1
Mould SID Code (front): IFPI V9G0

A couple of further questions:

  • I've still got the dumped ISO files on my hard-drive, but I also have them compressed as RVZ (a recent extension of the WIA format) files using Dolphin. Do I need to keep the ISO files around to post dump verifications to Redump? I'd rather free up the 60 GB of space they're taking up right now, but I don't want to delete the files if I might need the pristine ISOs for verification purposes.

  • Does Redump tend to request Case/Disc/Manual pictures? For Yu-Gi-Oh, I bought the game from a rental store and it didn't have a manual. I'd like to know that ahead of time, so if I end up borrowing games from my brother to dump I can collect that all in time to return the games quickly.

  • Since I've got fourteen more discs to post verifications (I don't think I have any new discs) for right now, should I just go ahead and make guest topics for all of them or should I wait to get an actual account so I can provide BCA files? For that matter, should I create topics for verifying dumps if I don't see requests for them on the wiki?

Thanks for the help so far.


Whoops, missed the bit about the additional mould text. I noticed that there before, but I didn't think about it since the wiki template only included "made in …" for the example value. Extra correction:

Additional Mould Text (back): MADE IN USA / PDSC.CA

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