I've on-and-off thought for some time about the possibility of modifying firmwares to enable scrambled reads on other models of drives.

It seems like it should be possible in theory, as a number of drives don't have any kind of firmware signature and can seemingly be freely modified (e.g., all the RPC-1 hacks, riplock removal hacks, etc. for a bunch of TSST and other MediaTek drives). Hell, there might be some firmware out there in some drive that has the scramble table easily accessible in the firmware, in which case it might be possible to just zero out the table and have a drive that can only do scrambled reads.

I'm curious if anyone is looking into this / has looked into this in the past? I've been going through a lot of Plextor drives, so I'm mostly wondering aloud if anyone feels like an alternative might one day exist. It's neat that some newer drives (like the BW-16D1HT) can do scrambled reads, but it seems as though they still pale in comparison compared to the Plextor drives (issues finding offset, etc.).