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hi guys for ages i have been trying to dump breath of fire iv euro version and after 6 or 7 repeated attemps i get the same crc32 everytime but it dosent match the same in the database


the only only diffrences i can see are size,crc32 and the exe date

database version : 2001-06-11

my original : 14/05/2001 (isobuster)

edit: think i might have put the wrong date from isobuster there is a 11/06/2001 on the sles code prob a misread on my part -

could the dumped one be a v1.1?

track1 = a758d99e  size 654599232
track2 = 9281934f  size 37044000

i bought mine when it was 1st released preordered as well ....??

any thoughts ??

am asking this cause am not sure if am dumping them right (still very unsure that am dumping auido track games right)


You can get the date with psxt001z.exe - more reliable than isobuster for me smile
Also make sure you trim the pregap which got extracted at the end of the first track.

by your size it loolks that gap is at the end of 1st track and in db it's at the beginning of 2nd (it should be).

maybe you just forgot to transfer it?
if you dump with EAC, it would not show such gap, so you'd need to check in subcode if unsure.