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Here's a list of software updates Redump.org is in need of:

  • Implement https/ssl

  • Update Wiki software

  • Document XML input fields for DICUI / Implement XML upload to avoid unnecessary filling out of field information to reduce human error.

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I agree with user7/dizzzy's suggestions.

Also, I want a (USA, Australia) region added. There are NUMEROUS Maxis PC games that were dumped in the USA and Australia that are incorrectly listed as "World". This is completely unacceptable. I have a USA copy of Marble Drop that matches, http://redump.org/disc/6064/, and I deliberately haven't posted a verification for it because you guys would change it to "World".

Implementing https is so easy. Just put the site behind Cloudflare and turn it on. It's free and provides a lot of other benefits.

Additionally: ringcodes that do not contain SID codes are not necessarily bad (if the disc itself does not have the codes on it, which a few do not), so should not automatically have yellow status.

PX-4824TA (offset +98), PX-716A (offset +30), ASUS BW-16D1HT (offset +6)

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sarami wrote:


  • Language and Region filter of dat file like no-intro


I have another suggestion: Is it possible extend the "My Dumps" page to allow downloading a .dat file that only contains the user's owned discs/dumps?

user7 wrote:

Implement https/ssl

I'm a bit late to this party (*waves n00b flag*) but I wholeheartedly second this suggestion. Plain HTTP is super easy to sniff, either while it transits the internet or when a user is sharing an unencrypted network (e.g. coffee shop wifi).

Having your traffic sniffed is not such a big deal if all they got was the site content (oh no, somebody might be able to see the forum posts!), but a malicious person sniffing the traffic can get the PHP session keys (allowing them to masquerade as a user) or even user passwords if the attacker gets a chance to eavesdrop on the login activity.

This might a known issue that's being worked on and if so, sorry for blabbing on about it lol. Just wanted to give my $0.02 on the matter. Cloudflare and/or Let's Encrypt make setting up SSL much simpler than it used to be smile

Add "Press Kit" to Common editions/releases checkbox for PC. No point in me having to type it out for the thousandth time.