Ok, I long did not pay attention to these disks, but themabus have copied a little from them.
themabus, tell me please, as you have defined in Super Robot Wars F Final gap between date a track = 3 sec?

i got it from subcode / EAC (Alcohol for some reason would alway define 2seconds in .ccd). it is a little strange i guess, i thought for some reason that only half of gap would be marked as pause in subcode but it apears to be untrue, i can not find such statement in ECMA-130. (in fact i think it says opposite - whole post-gap is set as pause) so this gap would get completely transferred to next track. last sector in first track is data.
does PerfectRip detect them different? i can realign this data in that case to meet different value.

oh i think it's ok. i've found an cd that has been dumped previously Slayers Royal and gap size between data tracks would match (tho track 02 crc does not, but i think he may have left an offset junk in there.  i'll post that on 'fix' section). so those i posted before, i think they just was that way.