want to contribute the E3 2005 activision disc dump

But you don't have it?

To elaborate on what F1ReB4LL said, we only take information of discs that were dumped from the actual disc using the proper tools. Not random or scene dumps found on the net. We also don't share or host the dumps themselves.

No, he came in Discord before this message and was looking for the possible owners of the disc, so, as I understand, he doesn't have the disc nor any images of it at all. That's why this message has confused me a little - how can he contribute what he doesn't have?

I'm aware, I warned him in the discord that it wasn't a place to share dumps. Even after I explained that he still posted a link to a dump in multiple channels after finding one apparently.

Maybe I worded my response here incorrectly but I was agreeing with you. I was just trying to explain that he would have to own and dump the disc himself for it to be added.