Hi.  Brief background, with specific questions to follow:

I'm ripping my entire PC media collection, mostly older games for DOS, early Windows, and Linux.  I'd like to verify my rips and contribute where possible, but the PC ripping guide and recommend software is entirely Windows-centric.  I don't run Windows, so that's a problem for me.

I found that the DiscImageCreator CLI version has a Linux port available, which is great (thanks, sarami!).  I don't seem to have one of the specifically recommended drives, but doing some basic testing with a Quake III CD I seem to get positive results.  The resulting bin file matches as does the PVD timestamps.  I can also rip the disc with cdrdao + toc2cue and get identical results as far as the bin/cue files go.

So that all seems promising as far as verification, but submission is a different store.  DiscImageCreator creates a LOT of files.  The guide says that DCUI will put the important bits in !submissioninfo.txt, but I don't have that file as, presumably, I'm using DiscImageCreator directly.

My questions:

1. Given the above (ripping under Linux and not using a "certified" drive), is it worth submitting rips for games that you don't already have included in the database, or would it be seen as untrustworthy?

2. If it's worth submitting, can someone point me to any templates or directions on how to manually assemble the information necessary for submission from the resulting DiscImageCreator files?

3. Once verified and/or submitted, is there any practical benefit to keeping all the additional files *besides* the bin/cue?  CloneCD images are not well supported on Linux, I don't know what to do with the SCM or other files, and all of the text output, while interesting, don't seem particularly useful for my needs down the line.  Just want to make sure I'm not missing I may regret later.

Thanks, all.  Appreciate any guidance.