I own a Wii Play Mii Support disc that has some pretty bad scratches, but I know someone that may be able to resurface it. I'll make the partial dump of it and upload it to mega.nz today.
I know dumps of these are already out, but I also own 2 pinkfish discs, 2 zelda kiosk demo discs, and 2 moviech discs.


I can post images of the discs/proof upon request.

I've seen the disc; ajshell said it looks potentially recoverable even if the scratch is deep, so we gotta hope wink

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So? Does he need an acc or not?

F1ReB4LL wrote:

So? Does he need an acc or not?

Yes, even if only just for the non-scratched demo/tool discs - they could use redumps.

My want list
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