I know I'm not a mod and therefore don't have to deal with adding dumps or verifications, but I wondered - do you all think it would be easier to track and manage everything if there were either:

* Separate sections for new dumps, vs. verifications
* Separate sections for main dump categories based on the team who adds (sony, nintendo, microsoft, other, etc.)

Perhaps you have already explored this before or don't want to complicate things - but I just wondered if maybe having different sections a bit would make it easier for mods to go through and make sure things don't slip through the cracks.  I know if I were processing them, having just a few categories as opposed to a huge dump folder, might make it a little easier.

Again, not really my problem, so just an idea to consider.

Thanks as always, to all the mods who are taking the time to process all this stuff!


I may also suggest to add some kind of feature that allows you to see which one of your dumps from the "New form" are pending. Sometimes I may forget if I've already submitted a game during a batch of dumps and it would be cool to see a list of submitted forms without worrying too much.

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