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AlMagno and I are trying to create the 3Dump.bin to start dumping for PS3.

We are using the method to obtain the Bin in +3.56 FW and when the moment comes, the guides explain a bit bad when it comes to create the file.

This is the NOR/NAND file that Rebug Toolbox created --> 20181219-130200-FLASH-NOR-FW4.81.NORBIN as well as the eid_root_key file.

But we dont understand how the file must be created using Hex Editor and worse, when we go to the NAND offset, is totally full of zeroes, there no other values in there.

Please, help me understand the process, i would like to update the guide to make it more understandable for casual users.

Nevermind, i solved thanks to Billy.