Removing Anti-modchip protection status from Europe region and removing LibCrypt status from USA: Could this be done plz (also in New disc menu)?.. they are useless for these specific regions anyway, and it will make the database better organized. There are just too many libcrypt unknown entries for no reason.

And I also believe it's safe to just put all games with unknown libcrypt and anti-modchip protection to 'No', and get rid of the 'Unknown' flag completely because it's just a useless flag and it won't be changed anyway unless somebody redumps (they are expected to check anyway!, at least for libcrypt) so if a redump shows that the current entry is wrong we can always change it again!!.

And even though I noticed that all Europe dumps have been set to No anti-modchip, I still think it would be better to just remove this status for this region.

It has always annoyed me how new dumps always get added with anti-modchip 'unknown' for all regions if the list of anti-modchip games is well-documented (and we are not asking dumpers to check for anti-modchip so only the widely known games are set to 'Yes' anyway!!.. the rest (almost 500 dumps and only growing) will always remain in the db as 'unknown' as nobody checks them anyway.. and for what? the anti-modchip data is not subchannel like libcrypt so there's really no point in forcing someone to check every single game to see if it has anti-modchip protection)..

as for for libcrypt, there are >350 'not checked' dumps and they aren't on any list of known libcrypt games.. it would be better to just set them to 'No' until proven otherwise like in court where you're not guily until proven otherwise tongue..

please support this thread if you agree with me!

Well, I agree about anti-modchip protection; as for libcrypt — I want to know what others think smile

If no Europe playstation games have anti-modchip protection, I agree to hide that field for that region as there isn't a reason to display no for ever disc. Unless it is complicated to change the code to hide it as it don't bother me.

I just went through all my dumps and updated the anti-modchip protection but 3 games as I am tired and going to bed i'll do that later. Though I don't know why more people don't contribute, if you can play the game in an emulator with the US bios just post a fix that it's not anti-modchip protected. I am sure some people play the games?

Does no US game have libcrypt protection?

I don't know if making it no as default if not checked is the best, as someone might have forgot or can't check because their drive can't read subchannel data and it gets marked as no and someone that can sees it already checked and wanting to save time doesn't check it and it does we can miss that information.

Are some of those 350 some disc any before LibCrypt came out? If so I can help go through them and mark them no as the protection didn't even come out.

Three years and still going strong.

pepsidrinker wrote:

Are some of those 350 some disc any before LibCrypt came out? If so I can help go through them and mark them no as the protection didn't even come out.

I would better execute a mysql query smile

If you can do it automatically even better.

Three years and still going strong.