I have some Playstation 1 and Wii PAL disc and they are no present on your database and i found this guide for add my disc : http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … de_(DICUI) but i need a account for share with redump.org.

I want to share more PAL disc region FR.

Best regards,

Hi, bienvenue a redump.org smile

We highly appreciate any help in getting the French region PAL Wii discs preserved. There are a lot of French Wii exclusives still listed on the undumped list:

[RVEF]    Bienvenue Chez Les Ch'tis
[SC7F]    Call of Duty: Black Ops
[SM8F]    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
[RXHF]    Chaos à La Maison
[R6DF]    Code de la Route
[RRJF]    Cuisine Party
[R54F]    Des Chiffre & Des Lettres
[RITF]    Intervilles, le jeu officiel
[RPAF]    Kid Paddle: Lost in the Game
[REAF]    Le Tournoi des Celebrites
[S33F]    Let's Sing 2017: Hits Français et Internationaux
[S34F]    Let's Sing 2018: Hits Français et Internationaux
[RZYF]    Mon Coach Personnel: J'enrichis Mon Vocabulaire
[SONF]    Mon Premier Karaoke
[RMXF]    MX vs. ATV: Extreme Limite
[RQ9F]    NBA Live 09 All-Play
[R7YF]    Pékin Express
[R7TF]    Pétanque Pro
[R57F]    Questions pour un champion
[SQUF]    Quiz Party
[REWF]    Real Stories: Mission Equitation
[RVTF]    Real Stories: Veterinaire
[RVXF]    RTL Biathlon 2009
[SSCF]    Scene It? Lumieres! Action!
[RLNF]    Koh-Lanta
[RJ7F]    Télé 7 Jeux: Mots Fléchés
[RGFF]    The Godfather: Blackhand Edition
[S32F]    The Voice, la plus belle voix
[RJ9F]    Think Logic Trainer
[RT7F]    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
[STIF]    Titeuf le Film
[R58F]    U-Sing
[SU3F]    U-Sing 2
[SUSF]    U-Sing Johnny Hallyday
[RWNF]    Warning: Code De La Route
[RRUF]    Winter Sports 2009: The Next Challenge

Offcourse the full undumped list can be found here:

http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … AL_Missing


I can up few game mentioned, but i still not have an account..


Welcome, obtain your password here.

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