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So it seems for these discs whenever you dump them you get a new working key. Same disc, same console, different key. CAT-R's must have a series of keys that work, possibly universally - what works for one CAT-R disc works for all(?)

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I have tested decrypting+extarc the wud of one kiosk disc with the a disc key dumped from another kiosk and it appears to work.
I think more research is required, but if they keys produced from a disc overlap with they keys produced by another disc, I think they should be removed from the database and put somewhere central (the wiki or a thread, for example).

Maybe ryanrocks462 or Crediar can help.

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Bumping this old post because I wanted it documented somewhere that decrypting Wii U CAT-R's is a different process than standard Wii U retail discs.

To decrypt you must use DiscU.exe app (currently the dev has chosen not to share this publicly).

DiscU.exe game.key game.wud
place game.key in the same dir as it with that command.

game.key is any dev key (since all CAT-R keys seem to work interchangeably).

Maschell has looked at these and he has determined that these discs aren't actually encrypted with a per-disc key at all. The keys dumped by wudump are just garbage data and the decryption tool wasn't actually using the key that was entered. So the keys can be removed.

My want list
Able to dump: GC , Wii, Wii U | GBA, DS(i), 3DS