Here is some of my thoughts for the fixing and repairing part.

As we have to dump the disc twice you can put in to check with cdmage or the new version of psxt001 when it comes out for errors, to check them both and if one has an error at a certiain sector and the other don't you can take that sector out of the good imgage and put it to the bad or try to repair it.

I think it would also be a good idea to explain mastering errors some in the guide so people know some images might have errors on both images and get the same checksum and that's ok. 

Maybe even put in the part of find track 02 pre-gap like I posted in other threads, check with cdmage and the amount of bad sectors at the very end is the pregap. Does that only work with psx games? That will help people find track 02 pregap when the dumping tools mess up, as both EAC and Perfectrip gave 0 gap for NFL GameDays which we know isn't correct.

I don't know, what you think Vigi. I know if they have problems they can come on the forum but it's usually the same question just rephrased in a different way, I think more information on the guide would be good.

If it's a problem with the size or messiness we could always like I suggested earlier start a F.A.Q. type thread and then just have a link to the thread part of it that would answer a question about the certain part of the guide.

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