I was talking with some of my friends on the VGPC Discord channel, and we were talking about getting PSX ringcodes with a scanner.

We had talked about how LEDs didn't work, but incandescent lights did work. oezr had just posted an image showing the spectrum of LEDs, which showed that incandescent bulbs produced a lot of infrared light.

My thought was that the infrared light is what causes the ringcode to be visible.

With that in mind, I grabbed my nearest source of infrared light: the "Night Vision googles" that had at one point came from the Prestige Edition of CoD MW2, but I had picked up at a Goodwill. More info here http://n4g.com/user/blogpost/sangria/430144

These are the results:

I would appeciate it if anyone could pick up a cheap IR flashlight on Amazon or something to confirm that IR lights work for all scanners.

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Finally, at least one Call of Duty game is useful for something smile

IR light should show up with all digital imaging devices. Even a crappy old PS2 EyeToy can be used with a TV remote pointed towards the CD, I have done so before!