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Finally i'm able to dump PSP UMD's and i already made some dumps that matched the DB ones but i encountered a problem running SFOinfo.exe to extract the game information.
In the wiki dumping guide it says to scan the dumped iso with SFOinfo but when i run the program it always displays the following error message:

C:\psp>sfo i uces-00044.iso psp.txt
Copyright (c) 2007 ajax16384
Process file: uces-00044.iso
wrong signature


I already encountered another problem: i tried to dump a NEW dump and the dumping program always fails at the very end of the disc. It reports that the UMD can´t be read but the discs seems to be in a good condition...
I tested in 2 different PSP's and psfiller reports the same error at the end of the disc.

Another problem that i'm facing is the reading of the RingCodes... There are Mould SID's that are very hard to read without tearing apart the case... And the ringcodes are very hard to read... I don't whant to f#ck up my eyes more than they already are trying to read those milimetric ringcodes... I think that i will pass the ringcode part...

Another issue is the serial. I always added the serial from the discs and in PSX and PS2 those serials differ from editions but in the PSP the disc serials are (for what i seen...) the same and only the serials from the boxes differ from editions using the suffixes: /P /E... What serial should be submitted?

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