Hi there I am a collector of videogames for decades
and can help to dump several games for different systems and checked your missing list site
I have some of them here waiting to dump.
eg PS1, PCE CD ...

Note: other topic http://forum.redump.org/topic/17688/don … ome-games/


Hi Redump Team,

this is my real email adress.
In the first request I put a wrong email adress.

Which IDE plextor drive is currently the cheapest to get, in europe?

Sorry for the wrong email adress. And I am a big Fan of your great community.
Many thanks

You should probably ask your plextor question in a main sub-forum, as you might get a response tongue

I invited him to the discord in another thread. It's where we hunt down Plextor drives often.


No, not resolved :-(
I tried several times to contact the admin (admin@redump.org) via mail, but it didn't work.
My email adress used here in the forum was set wrong by me.
I will now sent a new mail with right email adress from me to admin@redump.org.
Can you please check your mail and answer me, when you get it?
Many thanks and sorry for the trouble in make



Sorry for the trouble. I tried the web.de but no mail is comming in... :-(
I have different working email adresses I will sent you an email to the admin account now again. please change it to the mail with "castle" in it (see mail I sending to you)
Many Many Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

iR0b0t wrote:

I have got emails from different names requesting email change for this account. I don't know if its a joke or something else.

Your password has been preset according to your request from web.de email account, try that.

yeah, thanks it works now