Just to let you guys know, I've already hassled virtually every seller on eBay selling a copy of this game asking them to supply information about the ringcode, so if anyone was going to get the idea to do that... please don't, it will just hassle them again lol (Not that I think anyone was going to do this, but...)

By the way, of the several that have answered, every single one has reported a 1 being after the PTRM-002565 Mastering Code. I'm really starting to think it's just another one of these stupid discs not properly identified by a 2 and that I'll have to buy every copy on eBay to find this stupid v1.03.

Thanks for your research smile please keep at it. One of our guys is buying ps2 USA demos, so it's time to revisit and try our best to finish it.

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Yeah, I'm... not giving up on it. Seriously, I'm starting to think about buying copy after copy. I don't know what it is about it, but I feel like I should be able to find this one.