I have a rom and scans of the sleeve art and the disc art and the disc image of a game on you missing PS2 game list. The Kinetica Demo. Just want to be able to post to the forum and submit it for preservation.

Hi Saint Gunjack, thanks for your interest. Do you own the original disc? All media must be dumped from original discs to ensure perfection (no roms downloaded from the internet).


Yes i do indeed own the actual disk. I can take a picture of the physical disk if need be with today's date on a sticky note or a New York times article next to the game if you require proof of me owning this game. If you don't need it  i have have already followed all of the steps in this link on your website:
http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … ping_guide

All i need to do is submit the information you asked for in part 4 and post a link of the google docks in the submission forum page at this link i was given:  http://forum.redump.org/forum/11/dumps/