I may be asking incorrectly.  In the end what i want is only games that have English language and remove the same games from different regions.  Over at No-Intro they offer Parent/Clone datfiles that allow me to remove duplicate roms from other regions by prioritizing let's say USA over Europe or Japan using 1g1r (1 game 1 rom).  The closest thing I was able to find for redump is Redump dat splitter v0.3 located here (http://romshepherd.com/index.php/topic,4990.0.html). With this I was able to create a datfile off of the original that had English language and removed all the games that didn't have English language.  This helped to reduce my set but I still have a lot of duplicates of English games from other regions.  I'm manually going through them now but was just wondering if you guys had an easier way.  Tha k you.