This week I've tested the USB-GDROM of Mnemo and find that this device not load the games that has more than 3 tracks.
After investigating a little, I think that this issue is because of the offsets of Redump.
Can someone confirm it?
Anyone have this device for the Dreamcast and can load gdi games in Redump format?
When I say in the Redump format I mean their offsets.
I have obviously changed the names of the audio tracks from .bin to .raw, change to short names and renamed the gdi.

Until now I was using the GDEMU and no game had given me problems.

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As I've already said a numerous of times, we should use .cues, not .gdis. Gdi format doesn't expect any pregap at the start of the track, this ruins the whole addressing and more-than-3-tracks-images either don't work on emus or work incorrectly.

I have attached a detailed chart for the data structure difference of redump format gdi and general(tosec/trurip/httpdack) format gdi in this post: … ost-942906

The cause is that the additional leading data of the last data track makes the data track offset misplaced.Without additional description info, ODE loader software cannot easily identify which format current image set is using.(Try play "Fushigi no Dungeon - Furai no Shiren Gaiden - Jokenji Asuka Kenzan! (Japan)" and you will know what I'm saying.)

The only way is to binary scan the leading 150 sectors to make it out.Which I have written a tool to do that conversion statically.The source code is also on the above post.It's not a perfect tool in program design.I'm refactoring it to make it be a more universal gdi container manager.But it's already perfect for converting the redump format gdi to general format gdi for using on ODE like GDEmu or USB-GDROM.

And I agree to F1ReB4LL, ".gdi" is not enough complex to do things like INDEX 00 command in cue.And not suitable for stay as a track description file for track data stored in redump format track data.

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Is there a .gdi format description somewhere? What does the last digit (after the track filename) mean?

F1ReB4LL wrote:

Is there a .gdi format description somewhere? What does the last digit (after the track filename) mean?

Nope.Even the original file format designer once left it for additional purpose, now most open source gdi tools just skip parsing this column. So even it's reserved for sector offset. But you cannot use it in that way now.


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What exactly is stopping us from switching over to cue files?

LedZeppelin68 has proposed us a cue<=>gdi converter, should be fine to switch to cues after that (right now, there's no way to run cues in any emulator). Keep in mind, that each game is going to have 2 cues: 1 cue for the SD zone (first 2 tracks), 1 cue for the HD zone (track 3 and above).