After receiving my Plextor drive, I successfully did my first test dump.
This was Myst on CD-I.

All checksum informations match the database (it was already verified several times):
But after browsing the database entry, I have some question I would like to answer before starting to dump dozens of discs:

1) Why a Tracks green light and a cuesheet blue light ? I understand green is for a disc dumped several times, but I imagine this should have also produced several identical cuesheet files... Why this discrepancy ? Should I post again this dump just for a cuesheet ?

2) Same question for the ring information: why in blue state when there was several dumps ?

3) Finally, It appears I see only one Mastering SID Code/Mould SID Code (IFPI 01R5), while this database entry has 3 values, 1 for the Mastering SID Code, 2 for the Mould SID.  Having only one, how do I determine if I should report this single entry for "Mastering" or "Mould" ?

Thank you for your help.
Once I make these points clear, I will start to dump some new CD-I games, not yet reported in the database.

Jackal is a mod, has dumped 2 different copies of Myst (hence the 2 mould IFPI codes) and added them into the db by himself as green. Mods don't have rights to 'greenlight' the ringcodes and cuesheets (iR0b0t is the webmaster, I don't know, why not).

"IFPI L002" should be written on the laser-burned ringcode part, most likely, with the smaller symbols.