The thing is that i was making backups of some of my ps2 originals with isobuster, (original games that I have already added to redump) to play them in my ps2.  While checking their CRC, i realized that all of them had a different CRC.

I redumped them again in my other computer (which has XP as OS) and the CRC I obtained it was the ones I posted in this site.

I was afraid of the drive of my W10 had some kind of damage, however, I just decided to restart the computer and to try dumping them again. This time, I obtained the usual previous CRCs...

It looks like there is some kind of a conflict between my drive and the O.S

If this happens again, I will tell you.

Faulty RAM also possible.

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F1ReB4LL wrote:

Faulty RAM also possible.

It would be a pitty, considering that the computer was bought at the end of 2016. I almost never had a blue screen either. Just 2 times as I recall, and they were related to video pluglins. I also have to say that, the first time I realized about this, I dumped the same game again, and I obtained the same different crc (I mean, not the crc in the database but the first different CRC i had)

IE: I dumped BLOODRAYNE EUR PS2 version, and instead of getting the result I got  back in January, wich matches with javierdelarosa´s dump … les-51474/

I got a different one. I dumped that game again and obtained the same different crc. I restarted the computer, dumped the same game again and this time I obtained the CRC of the database.