I think I can contribute to your project for Wii dumps. I can access 200+ Wii discs
and quickly checked the undumped list I can see tens of missing discs I could contribute.

I live in the northern part of Europe, so some Nordic releases are coming as well.


Welcome, the PAL Wii miss list is probably incomplete, so it would be great to double check your entire collection against redump to look for missings smile

Actually the PAL undumped list is fairly comprehensive. BacoKarel spent a lot of time researching. There may be a few that simply aren’t on the list though because we don’t know they exist.

Welcome aboard!!

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Hmmm diego was telling me he went into a game shop in Spain and found a few missing from the list + redump if I recall correctly... out of my realm of expertise though.

If so great! I suggest letting BacoKarel know since he’s the primary maintainer.

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Thank you all.

I have run some 'test run dumps' to validate my tools and gears are fine. They are.

I have some noobie questions though.

- Where I can found the most up-to-date version of wii.dat?
- Is it possible (for me) to browse Wii discs database? I would like to see/validate all data for all discs I'm dumping (and avoid wasting time to redump something which is already perfect at the DB).

Great hint I found somewhere here to use Dolphin to check out languages. So much faster in my Core i7 than using a real Wii (especially when setting up "Enable Dual Core" and "Speed Limit: Unlimited").

Hi, welcome. smile
The wii dat & database are currently only available to members of dumper status and above. You will get promoted from New member to Dumper after you submit a couple New Disc's / Verification's. Good luck! Also check your PM's smile

@NorthernLights Welcome, and thanks for submitting your first Wii dumps! smile

Once your dumps get added to the database (first dumps will mostly take a day or two) you will be promoted to dumper and you can see the wii datfile AND all Wii discs through search (also explained in the Wii dumping guide)

If you want to know what games are undumped you can already check the PAL Wii undumped list:

http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … AL_Missing

I maintain the PAL Wii undumped list and the Wii dumping guide. If you also have NTSC Wii games please let johnsanc know, he maintains the NTSC undumped list. The Japanese Wii section is almost complete.

I will add your tip about the Dual Core and Unlimited Speed settings to the Wii dumping guide, THANKS for that!

@user7 Actually the PAL Wii undumped list is as up-to-date as can be (with the current knowledge of existing discs). There are probably a lot of 'revision/v1.01+' discs out there that we don't know of as they pop up quite frequently at redump.

Also, it is perfectly possible there are some Spanish titles not on the list, this can have multiple reasons:

1) Foremost, the titles on the undumped list are listed under their English names (eg. Survivor is called Supervivientes in Spain, so Supervivientes is listed as Survivor on the undumped list with the Spanish serial).
2) I don't know the existance of the Game smile

So, please let Diego know to look for the 4 letter serial on the boxart and check if that is listed in the undumped list. If the serial isn't listed on the undumped list and doesn't match anything in the redump database it is a new game. (And i would happily add it to the undumped list smile

Sorry for being so late. Yes, i found a game in spanish that maybe i didnt find on the list, but i need to recheck again. Ill call as soon as i know.