Wii U discs can now be dumped with wudump.


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Question on Red Case Wii U games? Put it under Original or as other edition like Red Case Original? Asking cause I have a red case game with a different hash/ring code/key than gamecaptor has listed for an original game (blue case).

Also, .iso? or should it be .wud

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I'd add it as Original and mention the red case in the comments.
Edit: If the barcode or cover is different from the Original, then we could add it as Reprint instead.

I don't think redump will use .wud (or .key for the disc key). .iso is used for all non-CD systems.

Hello.  I'm currently dumping my Wii U games and would like to report any undumped games or versions that I may have.  I can't find a specific guide for Wii U games (if I'm missing something, though, please refer me), but based on prior experience and looking at some existing submission samples I figured out most of it.  Have a few questions for clarification, if you don't mind:

Version - where does this come from?  This is the only field I'm outright failing to find.

Serial - this always comes from the stamp on the underside of the disc itself, right?  or should it be read from the ISO?

Mastering Code / Toolstamp - is this expected to be different?  Found two submissions for Super Mario 3D World (USA), and they have different mastering codes.  The code on mine is different as well, and it's not a simple case of transposing an S and a 5 or something like that - the numbers are obviously different.  Is that expected?

Barcode - I included the box barcode in my Xbox/360 dumps, but I don't see that being reported for Wii U dumps.  Should I include it if I have the box?  or just ignore it?


Version - This is the revision number. Found on the back of the disc (WUP-P-AMZE-00 USA S0) - part of the Mastering Code / Toolstamp - and also can be confirmed in the ROM header in a similar plain-text format (forgot the specifics and don't have an disc image to hand to check)
Serial - From the front of the disc. This identifies the disc label or something like that.
Mastering Code / Toolstamp - I think this can differ between byte-for-byte identical discs, but I'm not sure. It certainly differs between different game IDs (e.g. Breath of the Wild (USA) vs Super Mario 3D World (USA) or Breath of the Wild (USA) vs Breath of the Wild (Europe) and revisions (e.g. Super Mario 3D World (USA) (v1.00) vs Super Mario 3D World (USA) (v1.01)).
Barcode - I think this is the box barcode, yeah.

Same as you, this is just from prior experience and looking at other's submissions. tongue

Thanks, Hiccup.  Appreciate the clarification, and especially the pointer for the version.  Turns out I only have one undumped disc - a newer version of Mario Kart 8.  Thought I'd have a more to contribute, but oh well - I'll at least get this one posted shortly.

Thanks again.