I only own four PSX discs. However, I went to the trouble of reading the ringcodes for all four of them.

However, I've noticed an odd trend.

Three of my four discs have the EXE date off by one day. All of them match the database.

Alundra (USA) (1.0)

The Database's EXE date is 1997-11-29. My copy has it as 1997-11-28

Tekken 3 (USA)

The Database's EXE date is 1998-03-31. My copy has it as 1998-03-30

Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf (1.1)

The Database's EXE date is  1998-10-29. My copy has it as 1998-10-28

My copy of Spyro 2 has a matching date.

Is this a time zone issue? I live in the Eastern Standard Time zone (UTC-5). I've heard that many early PSX dumpers were European. That might be the problem.

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What happens if you change the Time Zone in Windows?

IsoBuster needs to be set to 'local file stamp' (in Options > File System settings)

Jackal wrote:

IsoBuster needs to be set to 'local file stamp' (in Options > File System settings)

Using that method, all the dates match. I had the feeling that I was doing something wrong.

Speaking of doing things wrong, I have a question about the fields in the PSX database, as we don't seem to have a guide that covers them all.

For the "EDC" field, I've noticed that one of my dumps contains the line "[INFO] Number of sector(s) where while user data does match the expected ECC/EDC there is no EDC: 23456" in the "_edcecc.txt" file. Should "EDC" be "No" for such discs?

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Use psxt001z to get the EDC info. But no point in checking it for verifications.

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ajshell, here's the CD dumping guide: http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … e_Creator)

It includes info on how to use psxt001z and edcccccccchk. That is where you should be getting exe date info, edc info, etc... assuming you have a compatible Plextor.