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Sooooo... what's this? lol


https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/915821- … /762789110

It appears FIFA 13 might also be the same case

https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/671331- … 3/64167924

but I can't find a single copy of that one on eBay, listed or sold. These games are, to say the least, absurdly rare, but maybe the NTSC versions actually do exist. Here's something else.



For whatever reason Public Betas were not on the miss list. I've updated the miss list based off the PCSX2 wiki. Happy hunting!

Oh wow, I forgot to add stuff to the database tongue I'll do that soon.

Also, don't those public betas belong in the demos section?

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Egen wrote:

Also, don't those public betas belong in the demos section?

The PS2 public betas that are in redump are not in the demos category. I never played one of these so are they just demos? If so maybe the entries already in the database should be updated.

Hmm, well, I don't know actually. It sounds like a demo because it's a beta, but maybe that's a strange name for a full version of the game that you could play publicly. I've also never played one. There are plenty of games marked inconsistently on the site, but it's possible they're not actually demos.

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They're not games either. They have their own Preproduction category, so I moved them to a separate list.

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Thanks @ Egen for finally dumping Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam

Just 1 missing game now yikes


I plan to buy that game someday... but that day could be quite a ways off given its price. I can say that I WILL buy it one day, but I can't promise, or even guess, as to when that will be. If someone is impatient, by all means... just don't beat me on any eBay auctions lol